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Local Teacher/Beer Vendor Raising Money To Buy Students Hawks Jerseys

Jan 17th | categories: Local, Seattle Sports

I'll just be upfront about this: if you wanna help a school kid get a Seahawks jersey, go here.

Here's the full story.

Kevin Zelko is a busy man. He helped co-found one of the largest Sounders FC supporter groups, Gorilla FC. A couple summers ago he started @MsBeerVendor on Twitter (M's not ms)championing the idea that if you tweet to him, he brings you a beer.

Kevin is also a teacher by day. Each Friday at his school is spirit day. Students are encouraged to wear swag from their favorite sports team. He's bummed that not all the kids' families have the money for an insanely expensive, merchandiseindustry.

Zelko is a natural fund raiser. With the help of local media, a web fund-sourcing site, and a gift for compelling people to get involved, Kevin's goal of buying kids jerseys went from just the disadvantaged to EVERY STUDENT! He's already raised nearly $9k with a local media outlet promising to also give $9k - that puts him just 4 thousand bucks short of his goal: $22k.

Put me down for $50. If you wanna help, this is your chance!

437 kids @ ~$50 each plus fees/tax stuff = ~$22k




Local Teacher/Beer Vendor Raising Money To Buy Students Hawks Jerseys
| January 17, 2014 at 7:11AM
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