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Leave Uber alone, Taxis!

Dec 13th | categories: Local, News

Uber is the greatest thing ever. So is Car2Go. And all of the other great resources we have in this city for people without cars or people that are too drunk or lazy to drive their own vehicle AKA me. Seattle's Taxi companies aren't happy about all of these new start ups though, and they're making City Council do something about it. The proposed regulations have hit the internet and they kinda suck. If the new rules/laws are passed, Uber will only be able to have 100 cars out at a time which will make getting one to pick you up 10x harder. TAXIS, YOU SUCK! JUST DEAL WITH IT AND MOVE ON. LEAVE UBER ALONE! Ugh. Read more about the proposed changes over here.

Photo via flickr.


Leave Uber alone, Taxis!
| December 13, 2013 at 11:32AM
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