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Jack White Turns Fallon Set Blue

Jun 10th | categories: TV, Video

It wouldn't be a proper record release for a dude like Jack White without the appropriate stops on television to promote the big release. Lazaretto hit the shelves of the internet today (though I saw many people with preordered LP's already spinning away). The crew at The Tonight Show turned the lights blue and lit Jack up. Also cool to note, White appears to be sharing the stage with a band compiled of ladies AND gentlemen. Previous solo shows included one of two bands: men OR women.

It's crazy that Jack and Jimmy seem to be (nervous) buddies. After performances of "Lazaretto" and "Just One Drink", learn how Jack's mom loves Jimmy for being so nice when White played SNL back in the day.


"Just One Drink" features the cutest one-mic duet that goes adorably awry before a smile-ful recovery by White:

I'm of course in love with the lady singer now <3. Jack sat down with Jimmy, talked moms, music and stuff:



Jack White Turns Fallon Set Blue
| June 10, 2014 at 7:33AM
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