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Ivar's has figured out what's blocking Bertha!

Dec 19th | categories: Food, Funny, Local

It's a Clamosaurus! DUH! If you haven't heard, Bertha, our gigantic tunnel boring machine has been stuck in the same place for awhile now because she hit something underground. AND NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT IS! It's so weird. I really hope it's something cool like a Dinosaur or Clamosaurus, or maybe even a space ship, but it's probably something lame. ANYWAY! Ivar's has started a contest on their website to find out what YOU think is blocking Bertha and the most creative answer will win some free Chowder, so put on your thinking cap and click here!

Photo via flickr.


Ivar's has figured out what's blocking Bertha!
| December 19, 2013 at 12:46PM
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