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It's Not Ok To Call Someone...

Mar 12th | categories:

About 60 mins into the Sounders home opener, the slug who snuck down to the seat next to mine yelled toward an Montreal player "get up you f'ing faggot". How would you respond to that? Last year the MLS responded to defender Marc Burch using the same slur towards a ball kid by suspending him for three games. I wish I could suspend the fan from tickets for the same time. Scum.

Thank goodness for cell phones with video capability. In a time where hate speech is still part of everyday life, it's great to know that in an uncofortable situation where one feels threatened, you at least have an opportunity to capture poor behavior for evidence. Now, when someone is confronted for said behavior, it's a little tougher to use violence as a means to fuel bigotry. See what happens when one man calls another "faggot" and has to live up to it.

This dude may have retaliated in a harrassing way, but is this better than the situation escalating to violence? Or better than just having to take it and live with the bigotry?



It's Not Ok To Call Someone...
| March 12, 2013 at 4:21PM
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