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It Always Just Seemed Like Old People Music

Dec 05th | categories: Music

I grew up in a household that didn't have much understanding for rock music. Having two brothers a decade older than me, my parents are ancient. My father used to "Rock Around The Clock" and was SOOOO dangerous that he listens to Elvis. My musical tastes found influence in classical and jazz. I fought against these things as a child thinking they were just for old people.

Sad news broke today announcing the death of a man who's music played in my household as a kid. Dave Brubeck shaped the sound of American jazz since before we were alive. He died just a day shy of his 92nd birthday.

Is there anything more iconic to jazz music than "Take Five"?

Judging by the lack of hiss and pops, I suspect that the recording featured has been remastered. None the less, it's incredible that engineers recorded things so eloquently and camera operators weilded giant desk sized cameras with such ease.

It seems like I should probably call my parents and tell them their music isn't for old people or boring.




It Always Just Seemed Like Old People Music
| December 05, 2012 at 4:15PM
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