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Is this SUPER CRAZY or Just Plain Brave?

Nov 08th | categories: Awesome, Video

Every year, a group of crazy people, aka motorcycle racers, meet on a small island off the west coast of England and race around it like idiots. The race is the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy). Now, I'm a racing enthusiast and all, but driving your bike around something just bigger than Seattle Proper at an average speed of 120mph is INSANE. Most race tracks dont have manholes or 90 degree, six inch kerbs. Check out just how crazy this gets:

SUCKS SO BADLY for those dudes that went flying off the bikes into a pasteur/wall/the-air. We should totally go check this out some year!


Is this SUPER CRAZY or Just Plain Brave?
| November 08, 2012 at 5:02PM
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