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Is Anyone A Creepier Actor Than This Guy?

Nov 16th | categories: Trailer

If you're familiar with Tim & Eric Awesome Show, then you've likely been introduced to one of the weirdest comedy minds in Hollywood. Tim Heidecker is to nerd what Ken Griffey Sr is to the Mariners. He's the orginal nerd, not the good kind with a sweater and skinny jeans walking around on Capitol Hill sipping novelty cocktails or drinking shade grown coffee (both which are awesome). Tim takes nerd back a generation to Weird Al's UHF.

I was surfing the Vudu channel on my Roku, and found Heidecker's latest acting roll, The Comedy. The silliness of the T&E is muted in this preview painting the film as dark and weird:

Did you notice James Murphy in the church or on the bikes? That's a pretty sweet vouche!



Is Anyone A Creepier Actor Than This Guy?
| November 16, 2012 at 6:14PM
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