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Interview: The Head and the Heart

Oct 21st | categories: Live, Music News

Our little pocket of the world rules. So many weird, creative, interesting, smelly people live here. Try living in Tucson for a nice comparison... We're not just the seed of Nords and Vikings, nope, Seattle has a way of attracting killer musicians/bands/weirdos to our perma-grey mopefest.

Like weathered sailors returning from a life at sea, our landlubber friends from Ballard returned to the studio as seasoned pros, The Head and the Heart couldn't be much sweeter. They popped in to the show to talk about the new album,Let's Be Still, and what their first show at KeyArena was - they're playing December 3rd for #DTHB. Jon and Josiah are quite charming:

Off air, they spotted me rubik's cubing (duh) and informed me that THATH keyboardist/pianist, Kenny, also solved cubes. #DTHB Rubik's Cube battle BEGIN!

Also, this happened:



Interview: The Head and the Heart
| October 21, 2013 at 7:48AM
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