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Incredible: World Rubik's Cube Champ Does 12 Solves Each Under 10sec

Oct 01st | categories: Awesome, Nerd Stuff, Video

Highschooler Feliks Zemdegs can the solve the shit out of some Rubik's Cubes. He traveled from his home in Melbourn, Australia, to Las Vegas, NV, USA, to compete in the 2013 Rubik's Cube World Championships as the number 2 solver. Just months before, Germany's Mats Valk bested Felix's 5.66s record by just over a tenth of second - 5.55. The cubing world left stunned.

lol - the drama....

Felix arrived in Vegas number 2 and left a champion. He may not have the fastest recorded time, but the dude is legit. Here's the proof. Watch as he does 12 consecutive solves, using an on screen, randomly generated scramble inbetween solves. He's allowed 15 secs of inspection time after scrambling. What you are about to see is mind blowing:

Woah. What a boss. He sets an avg of 12: 6.79 seconds to solve something you've been too unmotivated to learn for 30+ years. Let me guess, though, you peeled the stickers off... sigh.



Incredible: World Rubik's Cube Champ Does 12 Solves Each Under 10sec
| October 01, 2013 at 9:41AM
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