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If You Txt This, You're Being A Biggot

Mar 14th | categories:

The beauty of being on the radio is the envolvement of music in most aspects of my life. Wether it's playing a flavor of the week band while their album has some buzz or going back to what we loved when I was in highschool, it's awesome. I'm never gonna like all the music we play and I certainly don't expect you to, either.

If we're going to have any respect between us, don't be a dick. I know you won't like certain songs, but the following txt conversation has no place in my show. If it means we can't be cool, i'm comfortable with that.

Look, at the very end of the message, 360 says we're supposed to be the "best one" (station). Thank you for your love, please, just use descriptive words to describe why you don't like the songs. Calling them gay or quiere (sic) doesn't accomplish anything. "I dislike this song because it sounds like rap and i don't like rap" would be a start. Or, "I hate keyboards because one killed my grandma". Don't be an asshole.



If You Txt This, You're Def A Biggot
| March 14, 2013 at 5:37PM
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