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INTERVIEW: The Black Keys Open Up

Apr 25th | categories: Music News, Video

The Black Keys are so cagey and always prepared to say something snarky when interviewed by someone in their own business or peer group. It takes a lot of prying to get them to open up for some nuggets of information.

CBS's Sunday Morning did THE BEST interview with the band (below). Perhaps when the Black Keys are interviewed by someone out of their usual day to day routine, an adult their parents' age, Anthony Mason, it's easier for them to open up - especially when he seems genuinely interested in learning more about the band. Maybe for something as big as Sunday morning network television - watched largely by adults - the Keys want to expand their audience.

Regardless of the reason, this interview gives us some great insight into why it's easy to like this band - not just as musicians, but also as cool, grounded men. We learn that their first big payday came in Seattle ($500), that their brothers would beat them up if they started acting like rock stars, and that a superstar can still give him mom a hug before leaving for a giant arena tour!

[If the player won't work - it's here:CBS]



The Black Keys on Sunday Morning
| April 25, 2012 at 5:24PM
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