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I Threw Out the First Pitch at Cheney!

Aug 25th | categories: Local, Seattle Sports

Pitch is using the term liberally...

I don't know that I've been more nervous about anything since getting a tattoo. My friend says, let me take a picture of you holding the ball, and I couldn't even hold my hand still; I was shaking like a leaf! My buddy Ryan filmed me looking like a dummy and perfectly captured the part of the day that I have zero recollection of:

It's all a haze! My first conscious memory is of future star TaijuanWalker catching the ball - just a bit outside - and my breath returning to my lungs. WHAT A TIME! He was super cool and came to the mound explaining that I did just fine and said some stuff I won't repeat because it meant a lot to my confidence and I don't wanna spoil the magic of that moment.

I feel strongly about the whole experience because I'm tired of being afraid of things. I get hella nervous and freaked out about stuff. All I can say is a mantra I often read from my beautiful friend Libby: "What's the best that could happen?" Damn. What an attitude. One day you wake up (hopefully) and realize your life is over. Take the times when you're healthy to do the fun stuff of your dreams. :D



I Threw Out the First Pitch at Cheney!
| August 25, 2014 at 7:49AM
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