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I Bet These Dudes Could Punch Your Head Off

May 02nd | categories: Nerd Stuff

Like many children who did time in highschool during the 90's, our introduction to Shaolin came thanks to the RZA and Wu Tang Clan. Concurrently, when i think of awesome slow-motion videography, i think of the Mariners' McDonalds super-mo. That's right, Dave Sims and Mike Blowers showing replays on Root Sports is powerful enough footage to necessitate a sponsor. SLO-MO RULES!

Take the seemingly effortless acrobatics of these combat super-humans or peace and slow it way the f down - the results are mind blowing. WARNING: this video could potentially make you feel terrible about yourself and just how little exercise you've done this year...

The part where the monk breaks the metal over his head is... METAL!!! Hail Satan.




I Bet These Dudes Could Punch Your Head Off
| May 02, 2013 at 4:39PM
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