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How bad is Seattle's road rage?

May 14th | categories: Awkward, Local, whatever

Apparently, not bad at all. We've been voted the "Seventh Most Courteous City in the U.S." We didn't even make the bad side of the list! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I witness road rage almost every day. I also drive from SLU to Ballard at 5pm on weekdays though, so... that might be why. I did just see a fender bender happen right outside of our studio window and the people involved were really kind to eachother, exchanged info, and drove off without leaving skid marks. So maybe, just maybe, we are courteous. Check out the rest of the list over here.

Photo via flickr.


How bad is Seattle's road rage?
| May 14, 2014 at 1:17PM
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Lucas Shepherd
| May 14, 2014 at 10:39PM
I just went to Texas for two years. Consider it a case study in driver behavior. Hot. Road Construction. Horrible road system, it's like a hot wheels track. Too many cars. No carpool lanes. The one nice freeway has tollbooths every 20 miles.After witnessing the evil of Texan drivers, I realized all the complaints I had about Seattle roads were child's play. So glad to be back!

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