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How Will A Shoe Lead You to Murder?

Mar 11th | categories: Nerd Stuff

This will make you want to murder... a sneaker. Because you've often thought, "gee, I wonder what my shoe is thinking right now", Google put their ZILLIONS of dollars of potential into researching a shoe that interacts with your life. When it's bored... it tells you. Sweet. Maybe when I forget I promised to go to it mom's birthday party it'll give me the silent treatment leading up to a fight and then some make-up sex. Gross.

Supposedly it will connect to social media so both of your g+ followers will know just how boring you've become.

This has to be fake, right? It's already annoying enough when my father is on speaker phone in public let alone having every punk-ass on the planet and their stupid talking shoes.



How Will A Shoe Lead You to Murder?
| March 11, 2013 at 5:16PM
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