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How Leonard Cohen Saved Ebert's Life

Apr 04th | categories: Video

Today the internet fills with an ourpouring of support for the passing of a cinema icon, Roger Ebert. He's a figure that had a voice for all of my childhood and into my adult life. That literal voice wasn't sussed out today with his passing, no, Ebert lost his jaw, ability to eat, and speaking voice to salivatory cancer and it's complications at the end of the 00's.

Mr Ebert didn't succumb to the torment of a world less the ability to vocalize. He instead spent time researching the means to use a robot's voice to speak for him. The internet provided his other speaking outlet with means like Twitter to start online fights and add commentary.

He goes to great lengths to describe, with the brightest of expressions, the process of finding his voice including a wonderful tale of how musician Leonard Cohen saved his life following his initial jaw surgery:



How Leonard Cohen Saved Ebert's Life
| April 04, 2013 at 3:14PM
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