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How Did A Goat Go Viral?!?!

Mar 03rd | categories: Animals, Nerd Stuff

Thank the wizard for cell phones capturing video. I'm not sure which is a bigger benefit to us: getting to see ridiculous turkey videos or just how INSANE Russians are (NSFW)... While that debate continues for the next decade, let's just be stoked that goats and YouTube have joined forces.

Other than farmers, how the hell would we ever know the full awesomeness of goats?! All these years I thought they just garbage and dangerously climbed mountains. Now this goat has gone and made Skrillex THE BEST! (never thought i'd type that...).

Viral goats sounds like something out of a zombie movie, but actually, it's just what the internet has been waiting for since the double rainbow guy.



How Did A Goat Go Viral?!?!
| March 03, 2013 at 12:19PM
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