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How A Coupon Can Save You From Spiders!!

Oct 09th | categories: Awesome

Before we announced #DTHB12 yesterday morning, there was all sorts of behind the scenes work to get done. I had to be at work super early (for me). As I leave the house every morning, I open the blinds so little Chowder has a cheery day. As the hanging blind rotated to the slender position, BAM from the roof drops the BIGGEST SPIDER. "AHAHHHHHHH" i sheiked. "BOK" clucked Chowder. You see Boston Terriers don't really bark much, so when she snaps at me for being to noisy, it sounds more a like a clucking fowl.

I had no time to vanquish my foe. I was already late for work.

After trying to rationalize with a dog that she would have to share the same small living space for the day, I sprung from my home down the road to work. After a successful day of launching our giant show, it was only about a block from home when i remembered... that damn spider was waiting.

Walk the dog. Go to Walgreens. Eat Candy in my car. All of those were tactics to avoid the #spiderfight. Finally, i had to face up to the challenge, I am after all a 200lbs man and this spider couldn't be any bigger than 9mg, right?

I climbed atop my table and stood there like the biggest wuss for at least 10 minutes with cup in hand. You see, the best way to catch a spider without killing it is to get a cup, put the cup over the spider, and then slip something rigid under the cup. BOOM: instant spider cage.Luckily, I live tweeted the experience:

Finally I recognized just how terribly wimpy I had become. COME ON. It's a tiny spider. Just get the damn thing. I got my Santa cup and the nearest rigid paper - in this case a mailed coupon to Bed Bath & Beyond. I even included them in the tweeting AND THEY RESPONDED:

The internet is awesome. I can't believe how cool i felt having a home good store tweet with me. When the boss is yelling at us to respond to people on twitter, which i love doing, he's got a great point.

Here's how the rest of the epic #spiderfight played out:



How A Coupon Can Save You From Spiders!!
| October 09, 2012 at 5:31PM
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