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Help Ayron Jones Raise Money To Make A Music Video, Hit The Road

Jul 02nd | categories: Locals Only, Music

In a simpler time, just 5 years ago, the landscape for music promotion was so different. You helped a band by going to a show, buying a shirt or CD or something swaggy, maybe you told your friend about "how rad those dudes were last night".

Now fast forward just a few years to 2014 where artists of all types come up with an idea, and rather than saving up the money, they ask you to help out up front. When you really love an artist and they need money to buy a new van, build a cyborg drummer, or rent some studio time, they set up a Kickstarterand you can donate.

That's just what Seattle artists like the Grizzled Mighty did to make a record. Now my pal Ayron Jones wants to take his career up a notch. Having played his heart out in Seattle, the dude wants to shoot a new video and hit the road to expand the buzz he has here at home to the rest of the country. Go hereand help AJ and the Way!



Help Ayron Jones Raise Money To Cut A Music Video
| July 02, 2014 at 8:21AM
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