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Hear Locals Only Artist, Pickwick, New Song, Album Tease

Jan 14th | categories: Local, Music

I usually defer to the likes of Red and Bryce when it comes to the local music scene, but for once, it's personal. I go to this crazy cool dentists. His office is filled with many contemporary paintings and strange modern pieces. As they pick away at your teeth, the ceiling some 20 feet above adorns a painting featuring a bikini woman repelling down from a helicopter with a tiger kitten in one hand and a knife in the other. IT'S SO WEIRD.

Dr. Z loves to have parties at the office. This year for the annual end of summer bash, he not only loaded the joint with a fancy/tasty/put-this-in-your-bag-so-i-can-eat-it-later spread, but also hired a group of locals to perform: Pickwick.

The band have played on the Family Fourth, at dentist offices and now ready their full length album appropriately named Can't Talk Medicine. Here's the first song "Lady Luck" and the trailer for the local release:

Enjoy some beautifully shot footage teasing Can't Talk Medicine:



Locals Only Artist Pickwick Teases New Album
| January 14, 2013 at 12:11PM
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