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Half Of A Top 10 List For Halfway Through The Year

Jun 04th | categories: Music, Music News

AKA my top 5 albums of the year so far. I don't pretend to presume that my opinion matters or that this holds any weight over any other list or anything, but if you are perhaps looking for a few records of quality that have come out so far in the year 2013, look no further (though I have admittedly yet to listen to the MBV record so, shame on me blah blah blah). Anyway, see below...

5. The Knife - Shaking The Habitual
I don't really know what the shit is happening here. It's 2 discs, 3 LP's of noise experiments, gender exploration, and political commentary and it is beyond a challenging listen. Seriously, there is a 19 minute ambient drone track on here. Basically just imagine all the hype and game-changer talk you heard about the new Daft Punk record and apply it to this. It's basically music for gnomes and it's unlike anything else you'll hear this year.

4. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of the City
This album is a snapshot in time. Not a cultural touchstone as much as a soundtrack to "that one summer". Maybe it's this one, maybe it's 5 years from now, maybe it's a summer your kid has in high school down the road, who knows, no matter what it's a fantastic, cohesive photograph of youth and freedom. Soaring melodies, nearly annoyingly unforgetable licks, and of course, that special brand of oxford something or other that the band has become known for all so well.

3. Phoenix - Bankrupt!
The follow up to the bands atmosphere ascending Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a bit difficult for me to describe objectively. What it lacks in straight forward pop construction it makes up for in unconventional experimentation. Think subtle evolution rather than the leaps and bounds of last round. This isn't a reinvention record for the band, but a second dive down the rabbit hole for a group of childhood friends who've been doing it right forever and have finally found their footing.

2. Savages - SIlence Yourself
The first time I saw Savages was in an old hanger used to store bales of hay. It was dirty, dark, echoing, and cold. It was perfect. Four women took the stage and pummled my face off with some of the most violent, authentic, and honest post-punk I've heard in years and their album captures the spirit of that night and collective voice more than perfectly. Silence Yourself is a set of protest anthems, the sound of discontent in the 21st century, and turns out that sounds oh so good.

1. Majical Cloudz - Impersonator
I am obsessed with this record. What we have here is the kind of record that paralyzies you. The kind of record meant to be listened to alone with a half smoked joint while you sprawl out on your comforter and re-evaluate your life. It's the nostalgia, the heart ache, the longing, all packaged into one crushingly devastating listen. I'd be hard pressed to see this one thrown from the top in another 6 months, but I'll be sure to keep you posted.


Half Of A Top 10 List For Halfway Through The Year
| June 04, 2013 at 9:15PM
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chizzle sizzle

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weezer rocks

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Not a fan of the new Alice in Chains album?

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This is a test

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