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Go Home NASA, You're Drunk

Feb 05th | categories: Local, Nerd Stuff

Even though stupid Los Angeles beat us in the race to house one of the retired space shuttles, our rich history of flight got us something pretty sweet. The Full Fuselage Trainer is a to scale replica of an actual space shuttle used to train spacemen since before we had Nintendos in our living rooms!

The problem with such a giant beast? Transportation. This is NASA, however, and they come prepared with the comically ginaormous (science word) Super Guppy transport jet. Come on, this looks like something out of MegaMind or an idea conceived after two too many engineer beers!

Check out the gorgeous teaser footage from the transport process to get us the flight trainer - which is now on display at one of the coolest museums in the country - The Museum of Flight!

So cool! Let's go play space explorer and bring back alien technology for Matt Bellamy of Muse to use on his fancy guitars!



Go Home NASA, You're Drunk
| February 05, 2013 at 4:35PM
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