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If You Think About It, Beer Pong is Pretty F'd Up, Gross

Dec 20th | categories: Funny, Video

Beer pong, the always fun hangover creator, should be in the running for grossest game at a party... well, that and mystery-black-out-hookup featuring why-didn't-you-use-a-condom - so, second grossest. Hey, a silver medal ain't that bad, right?

Flula'saccent only begins to make him funny. Once you get past his hilarious word choice and strange way of saying things, it turns out the dude is pretty genius in his delivery, specifically when it comes to describing the beerpongball that just rolled under the couch to meet dusties, spider corpses and corn flakes...

"I shall sits on the couches now at da party, watches the Seinfeld television as everyone here make contraction of hepe-tit-us", oh Flula, you're the best. See him get funny with the cast of Anchorman 2:



If You Think About It, Beer Pong is Pretty F'd Up, Gross
| December 20, 2013 at 9:11AM
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