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Full Album Stream: Soundgarden - King Animal

Nov 06th | categories: Music, Music News

While you could argue that we've only had to wait a few months to hear a new record from Soundgarden (the thing wasn't even announced till earlier this year, rumors of the band writing have been circulating since their re-inception onto the scene). Now, today (or late last night, depending on how late you were up) We finally get the fruits of their labors w/ an iTunes stream of the new album King Animal, one full week before it's official release. On first skim it sounds a whole lot like they promised, leaving behind the doom of early releases for a more major scale jaunt across tough time signatures and gigantic riffs. Listen for yourself here and definitely give us your thoughts on facebook.


Full Album Stream: Soundgarden - King Animal
| November 06, 2012 at 9:27AM
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