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Famous Street Artist Sets Up Booth, No One Cares

Oct 14th | categories: Art, Awesome

When a dude with a can of spray point writes BIGBOSZ in a terrible cursive/bubble font across the shrubbery opposite my house, I think "if we catch that dick, let's cut off their trigger fingers". Graffiti is the worst. Along comes the spray-paint-armed street artist Banksy. It makes me a hypocrite to give his art credit, BUT I don't give a damn. He shares his commentary, often in images, in a simple, direct way.

Banksy been conducting an artist residency on the streets of New York City. He went as far as to set up this booth and sell pieces of his own art for $60 each.... a guy that has sold his own work for over a million bucks, charging $60 per canvas. The people that bought these on an impulse walking by must be PUMPED:

It's gone. Also, understanding Banksy, it's unlikely we'll see one again.



Famous Street Artist Sets Up Booth, No One Cares
| October 14, 2013 at 9:45AM
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