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End Music Discovery: The Evens "The Odds"

Nov 12th | categories: Music

Growing up as a smart mouthed, back talking brat leant itself to tons of silly punk music like Guttermouth, Less Than Jake, even NOFX. As we got smarter and matured a little bit, we found punk and post punk music that thought a little bigger and made an adult statement. Bands like Fugazi had a long career of doing what it took to kick down the doors of your brain and help question why we voluntarily join a system meant to limit ourselves.

With the changing of lives, the birth of children and the onset of old-guy-stuff like arthritis :D, Fugazi called a hiatus. One of the master minds and loud voices of that group, Ian Mackaye, took the time off to continue running Dischord Records. To fill the void in his creativity, he formed a new group with girlfriend Amy Farina: The Evens.

They're in the midst of releasing a third album "The Odds". Hear it now streaming here. This latest work continues where they left off six years ago. They've had a child, Carmine, and that young sir is the subject for the cover art. It may be further between the releases, but The Evens continue the fight at their own pace.

Here's just a great video of a silly performance they wrote for children on DC local broadcasting:



End Music Discovery: The Evens "The Odds"
| November 12, 2012 at 5:20PM
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