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End Music Discovery: Nils Frahm "Says" Video Is Trippy, Man.

Jan 14th | categories: Music, Music Video

Germany went and produced another rad piano composer. Nils Frahm, pals with our friends at Decibel Festival, played here in a theatre during said fest in the fall. Like an idiot, I didn't go. Well, Herr Frahm must like Seattle as he booked that Lufthansa ticket back to America.

In a city where the marijuana is legal, I'm surprised that the fat, chorused synthesizer tones, delicately placed against the staccato piano rhythms and swells for days doesn't land him a gig playing somewhere brontosaurus big in our rainy city. I'm also a dreamer.

Though I just said he deserves a bigger space to perform in, it's hard to think of a better venue than The Triple Door to host this:

Usually, out of some stupid, contrived competitive feud with "the other guys" I wouldn't post the video from another media outlet, but this gorgeous Frahm performance at KEXP is too good not to share.

Nils Frahm
Tuesday, March 18th
The Triple Door



End Music Discovery: Nils Frahm "Says" Video Is Trippy, Man.
| January 14, 2014 at 6:44AM
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