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End Music Discovery: Memoryhouse

Jan 23rd | categories: Music Video

Canada's strongest areas of excellence include politeness, music, and moose stuff. Let's skip the boring and insane options and focus on the music of their giant frozen country. We can thank the Canadians for bands like Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Metric. Don't forget Sum 41, Nickelback and Rush...

Our sweet friends at local Seattle label SubPop uncovered another gem from the great white north (or whatever the hell it's called): Memoryhouse. Even though I initially thought the name was MemoryHORSE, they're still cool. This group started as a multimedia art project combining one member's photography/film work with the others desire to score music and morphed into this beautiful band.

UNTITLED from Memoryhouse on Vimeo.




End Music Discovery: Memoryhouse
| January 23, 2013 at 5:09PM
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