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End Music Discovery: Vista Chino "Peace"

Jul 18th | categories: Music

They started as just a gang of long haired, sweaty, desert kids with guitars tuned low enough to rumble the dry, cracked face of the arid ground they stood upon. They were Kyuss. Their legacy gave birth to Queens of the Stone, sorta to Fu Manchu via drummer Brant Bjork, and a load of troubles with drugs/guns/women in Nick Oliveri.

Those bros, minus guitarist Josh Homme and sometimes bassist Scott Reeder, reunited last year. Homme got mad at them for using the Kyuss name. They made new music and chose the moniker Vista Chino. Hear the new, heavily influenced by Brant Bjork, jam "Peace":

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End Music Discovery: Vista Chino "Peace"
| July 18, 2013 at 3:55PM
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