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End Music Discovery: Two new tracks from My Chemical Romance

Oct 30th | categories: Music, Music News

There was a time a few years ago when My Chemical Romance were the hottest band in the world. The Black Parade felt like a breath of fresh air in the radio rock world, channeling equal parts bedroom screamo fury and operatic queen inspired arena riffs. Well in a blink of an eye (and a coheadlining tour with Muse at WaMu theater (weird) it was over. Obviously it's tough for a band to follow up that kind of success, so when the boys re-grouped in the studio, their initial album was scrapped after fighting, breakdowns, and what I can only imagine was an overwhelming amount of stress.

Well after releasing a somewhat dud of a future sci-fi concept record, they're back and releasing the tracks from that scrapped "Conventional Weapons" album as 7" singles throughout the coming months, and the first A/B side have made their way to the interwebs. Scope em out below, if you care, for a future that might have been from MCR.



End Music Discovery: Two new tracks from My Chemical Romance
| October 30, 2012 at 5:49PM
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