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End Music Discovery: Tomahawk - "Stone Letter"

Oct 04th | categories: Music, Music News

Tomahawk are BACK. For some of you (read: most) this means absolutely nothing. But I can tell you as a suburban kid trying to figure out what was "cool" in my Junior High days, to me it didn't get much cooler than Mike Pattons label Ipecac records (Melvins, Isis, Mondo Generator). One such band who's record I obtained while away at nerd camp one summer was TOMAHAWK which not only features Patton himself but also Duane Denison of Jesus Lizard, John Stanier of Battles (formerly Helmet) and now Trevor Dunn of Mr.Bugle and The Melvins on bass. While their first two albums came out in a relatively short window, just two years apart, it would take 4 to get the bands third offering, Anonymous which lacked the ferocity that was mixed in throughout the first two records in a fair trade for eerieness. Now they're back FIVE years later with another album on the way, Oddfellows hits shelves in January but here we have our first taste of the record which finds the band getting back to their roots with a straight forward rocker, "Stone Letter" which brings much hope for what to expect when the whole thing is unloaded on our ears next year. Check out the track here and enjoy.


End Music Discovery: Tomahawk - "Stone Letter"
| October 04, 2012 at 6:55PM
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