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End Music Discovery: Sigur Rs "Brennisteinn"

Mar 22nd | categories: Music, Music News

Yeah, I can't pronnouce most of their titles either but this new Sigur Rós is a new, lively and more aggressive than the enjoyable, meandering melodies we typically excpect from this Icelandic band. There is some real offsetting percussion here, perhaps maybe some anger. I can get into this. They have a new album coming out on June 18th called "Valtari." Ooooooo Valtari. Sign us up.

01. Brennisteinn
02. Hrafntinna
03. Isjaki
04. Yfirbord
05. Stormur
06. Kveikur
07. Rafstraumur
08. Bláprádur
09. Var

And they are playing Sasquatch! as well.


End Music Discovery: Sigur Rós "Brennisteinn"
| March 22, 2013 at 7:13AM
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