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End Music Discovery: Purity Ring ft. Danny Brown "Belispeak II"

Oct 09th | categories: Music, Music News

After teasing a surprise for the last few hours, Purity Ring have dropped their first official collab in the form of Belispeak II, which sees the duo teaming up w/ rapper Danny Brown. While the unleash of the track upon the world is surprising, the collab itself is something we all should have seen coming from a tweet and retweet between both parties earlier this year. I brought up the idea to them when the band dropped by Neumos earlier this year and they had this to say...

You guys have said that you want to keep it very much in the Purity Ring world, but would you ever collaborate with anyone? Danny Brown tweeted that he wanted to work with you guys.

C: Yeah, I’m a big Danny Brown fan. There’s potential. Whenever I think of collaborations, I think of people writing songs together. Like, if we were to have someone help us write a song on our album or something, and when I think of that I instantly don’t want to do it. But when it comes to overlapping with things in the hip-hop world, I’m very interested in that sort of thing. And I think that could be fun and cool to see what that might sound like. So that’s something we’re interested in for sure, like Danny Brown in particular.

M: We’re definitely interested in doing certain collaborations but we’d be very particular about them. With us as a band and the live show we don’t want to add more people. We don’t ever want to have a full band, but we’d be happy to do collaborations with artists that we really respect.

C: And I think if these collaborations ever happened they’d have to be completely on our terms. If we collaborate, I’d still have to feel I’m in control of it. I don’t want to pass it off and have it be turned into something I was not intending for. I wouldn’t let that happen. It would have to still be in our vision and as long as it’s in our vision then it’s still in our bubble and that’s good.

Check out the track below...


End Music Discovery: Purity Ring ft. Danny Brow "Belispeak II"
| October 09, 2012 at 7:48PM
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