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End Music Discovery: Paul McCartney + Nirvana - "Cut Me Some Slack"

Dec 12th | categories: Music, Music News, News, Video

Unless you've been on an airplane for the last 24 hours (and even then, there's internet so you have no excuse, it's the information age, the 21st century, get with it) there's no way you hadn't heard about this Nircartney/Paulvana performance rumor. Which started as just that... but as the day went on, got progressively more serious, culminating in a tweet from Krist stating the group would be playing a new song they had written. Well, sure as shit they got onstage and played the thing. Turns out it's the first track off the upcoming soundtrack for Grohl's Sound City documentary which... if this is any sign, should have a pretty impressive list of collaborations on the album. You can find a newly launched website for said track/album herewhich includes a brief snippet of the tracked version. Below you can find video of the performance itself courtesy of the always incredible Audioperv. Tell us your thoughts on the whole situation on Facebook and enjoy below...

UPDATE: Even further below check out footage of Krist and Dave discussing the track.



End Music Discovery: Paul McCartney + Nirvana - "Cut Me Some Slack"
| December 12, 2012 at 10:57PM
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