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End Music Discovery: Mac DeMarco - "Ode to Viceroy"

Nov 26th | categories: Music

Sometimes songs just rule. There isn't really a reason, it isn't the crazy guitar solo, or the great lyrics, or some awesome drum beat. Seomtimes, you just catch a vibe and it's all good. "Ode To Viceroy" is one of those tracks. You put it on when you come home from a first date, or maybe while you're cruising on the highway on a drive to Bellingham, it works wherever you feel good, because thats what it does, it feels good. You'll also here it on our new music show, Whats Next this weekend at 8p. Check out the video below...


End Music Discovery: Mac DeMarco - "Ode to Viceroy"
| November 26, 2012 at 1:35PM
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