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End Music Discovery: METZ - METZ

Oct 01st | categories: Music

"Somebodies got a case of the Mondays" hey, it might be cliche and annoying when you here it, but boy is it a real thing, and i'll be damned if I dont have em today. In searching for solutions for a way to combat this, I realized there was nothing in the studio I could break, and I can't exactly abandon my post to go for a run. But the clouds opened up and down from the heavens came this new album from candian noise demons METZ who's record isn't only out via local label, Sub Pop but will also plague our town with a live show at BarbozaNov 2nd (which I just realized I'll be out of town for, shit!) Basically it's not only your duty to listen to this record at unreasonable volumes at every hour of the day, but also to attend this set and go as bananas as this band is. Get in at the ground level, cuz METZ is about to be a force to be reckoned w/. Stream here.



End Music Discovery: METZ - METZ
| October 01, 2012 at 9:13PM
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