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End Music Discovery: Holy Ghost - "It Gets Dark"

Oct 18th | categories: Music

Face it. We are all living in a Post-LCD Soundsystem world. And though Holy Ghost indeed existed alongside the band while they were active, this is definitely more than capable of filling any void they've left. Out on James Murphy's DFA Records (Who've also put out fantastic releases by Hot Chip, The Rapture, and YACHT) This latest track takes everything that was great about their first record, x5 and then makes you wish there were 9 more tracks you could hear immediately after. Honestly, It reminds me of the kind of jams I feel like I'd totally get down to in an empty club on a Thrusday night, thinking WHY DOES NO ONE ELSE LOVE THIS AS MUCH AS ME. Which might just come from my many negative experiences with the Seattle electronic scene but hey what can you do. Anyway blah blah blah listen below and love.



End Music Discovery: Holy Ghost - "It Gets Dark"
| October 18, 2012 at 9:48PM
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