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End Music Discovery: Harper Simon - "Bonnie Brae"

Feb 27th | categories: Music, Music Video

Look, I get sent 15+ CD's a day and honestly, most of em I generally just throw in a bin and never get around to. I'm pluggged in, I know what's going on, I don't need a label to solicit me. But for some reason I kept this Harper Simon record and popped it in, and.... was pleasantly surprised. The songs aren't anything new, but for some reason I just dig it. Produced by the same guy who worked with Elliott Smith and Beck featuring members of The Strokes, Bright Eyes, and Wilco as guests, it feels like the sorta thing you could easily rock on your headphones on the walk home from work any day. The video is your standard hipsta-matic grainy BS but hey, it's entertaining enough. Sometimes it's just nice to listen to something pleasant and not worry about if it's cool or not. Check it out below...

EDIT: Apparently he's Paul Simon's kid. I don't know why I'm supposed to care about this, but I'm being told I should.


End Music Discovery: Harper Simon - "Bonnie Brae"
| February 27, 2013 at 6:40PM
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