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End Music Discovery: Gogol Borello "Maladrino"

Eugene Hutz is a pure tornado of amazement on stage, fueled by music, drums, a huge, multi-national band and sometimes, wine. Gogol Bordello are in my list of top 3 live bands to see anytime, no matter the cost. It would very easy to say they are the Russian version of Flogging Molly and perhaps that is simple and maybe in a way right but Gogol Bordello actually formed in Manhattan in 1999. They woudl be better described as pure American music of more accurate, and self-imposed discription of "gypsy punk."

Either way they have a new album coming out in on July 23rd called "Pura Vida Conspiracy" and hopefully a full U.S. tour to back it.

Click here to hear the new single, "Maladrino."


End Music Discovery: Gogol Borello "Maladrino"
| May 01, 2013 at 10:27AM
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