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End Music Discovery: Damien Jurado "BASOTES"

Jan 06th | categories: End Music Discovery, Local, Music

You may be wondering what the hell "BASOTES" means. Well, it's just my lame abbreviation for Damien's new album title: "Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son". Damien can get a little too religious-y for my tastes when it comes to titles and lyrics and what not, but he's talented enough to make me ignore it. For real, he's just so damn good. One of my favorite local artists of all time and if you're in the mood for some heartbreakingly beautiful and haunting tunes, stream his new album right now over here. And yes you will be hearing some of these songs on Locals Only!

Photo via flickr.


End Music Discovery: Damien Jurado "BASOTES"
| January 06, 2014 at 1:11PM
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