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End Music Discovery: Boys Noize - "BNR100" Justice + Chemical Brothers Remixes

Mar 07th | categories: Music, Music News

Unless you're a nerd like me and stayed in last Friday to watch the Ed Banger 10th birthday party live stream on youtube where the boys dropped this beauty for the first time, today you lay your ears on Justice's first remix in 4 years, Boys Noize' "Ich R U". Back in 09 at the end of their album cycle for the epic "Cross" debut, they declared their remixing days over aside from choice favors for friends, so consider this quite the event, or at least consider the fact that we probably won't be getting another for some time. It comes coupled with a remix of another Boys Noize tune by Chemical Brothers for his track, "XTC". Why all the big names you ask? It's a double A-side for the release of Boys Noize Records #100. Rave on to both tracks below.



End Music Discovery: Boys Noize - "Ich R U" (Justice Remix) + "XTC" (Chemical Brother Remix)
| March 07, 2013 at 8:06PM
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