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End Music Discovery: Before Nirvana, This Was Grohl's Band

Jan 17th | categories: Music, Music News

Back in a mystical time of glam rock, glitter, and keyboards - the 80's - some musicians were still killing it via big drums, loud bass, and scratchy guitars. Dave Grohl, obviously an autonomous robot from the 8th dimension, may have looked much younger, but played the drums every bit as awesomely as today.

His band, with a dumb name, Dain Bramaged have a limited number of records circulating amongst collectors. Now, thanks to this rad discovery by Antiquiet, we have access to some of the Dain Bramaged demos. 8 songs, now:

The dudes are all still buds, though Dave's career was like pew==========> to the moon! Here's a tweet they all appear in:




End Music Discovery: Before Nirvana, This Was Grohl's Band
| January 17, 2014 at 9:24AM
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