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End Music Discovery: Arcade Fire - "Crucified Again"

Oct 05th | categories: Music, Music News

Lets be real here, it's been a minute since Arcade Fire unleashed the masterpiece that is The Suburbs upon our ears, trigger all kinds of nostalgic flashbacks and unattainble youth longing. We heard a little earlier this year that a new LP might be unleashed before 2013 (though we should all remain skeptical) and now we have our first taste of what that might sound like, in the form of a track "Cruified Again" which the band played multiple times in Haiti but has only surfaced in online form just now. While it may not knock my socks off, keep in mind, It's just a bootleg, these guys know how to write a track or two so expect greatness coming soon. Preview the song below...



End Music Discovery: Arcade Fire - "Crucified Again"
| October 05, 2012 at 8:20PM
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