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End Music DIscovery: Frankie Rose - "Street Of Dreams (The Damned cover)

Sep 30th | categories: Music

I'll level with you, I'm not passionate about music the way I used to be. They way when you're young you hunger for more, you long for the experience of a throbbing room, sweat stuck to walls, your favorite singer belting the words stright into your face as you scream back... I don't get that. I relegate to the rear of the room, I seek out new sounds more out of necessity than love, and I've met more bands than I ever wanted/imagined (of course growing up in the suburbs, I thought meeting any band was an unachievable feat) and most of them were pretty boring people.

But occasionally a song comes along that brings me back around and says THIS is why you love music, THIS makes you feel something, THIS is vivid, and real, and honest, and frankly, THIS is fucking great.

That's exactly how I felt after my first (and still after my fourty-fifth) listen to Frankie Rose's instantly brilliant cover of The Damned classic, "Street Of Dreams". Eerie harmonies, a menacing back beat, the guitars, the bass, the drum tones, everything about it, including her unwaveringly pure voice, feels perfect to me. It captures the feeling of a wet october night, it captures the chill of the air, and more than anything it captures your attention, and for a minute, makes you forget what's happening in front of you. And that's why I fell in love with music in the first place, and if there's anything great about my job, it's that I can try and share that feeling with you. Give the track a listen below and if you like what you hear, check out the whole album, "Herein Wild" on Fat Possum.



End Music DIscovery: Frankie Rose - "Street Of Dreams (The Damned cover)
| September 30, 2013 at 7:55PM
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