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ENOUGH With The Bacon... Ok, A Little More...

Mar 28th | categories: Video

The internet. First it was ninjas, next we had an abundance of pirates, and of course we'll always have kitties. As our love of narwahls and insanity wolf (NSFL) evolves into other, more awful things, there's always bacon. Dammit. This one is the worst. The problem with bacon lies in it's deliciousness. IT'S SO FLAPJACKIN TASTY. The idea of bacon is a little worn out... and the following product isn't going to help:

Dammit. Now that sounds gross buuuuut a big old plate of tasty sizzling bacon sounds god damn delicious. Are you tired of bacon or still love it? Comment below.



ENOUGH With The Bacon... Ok, A Little More...
| March 28, 2013 at 5:26PM
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