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Do you know about the "Seattle Freeze"?

Mar 25th | categories: Awkward, Funny, Local

I was reading Megan Seling's latest article in The Stranger and noticed people using the term "Seattle Freeze". Apparently this is a thing tourists and out of towners experience quite often. In Megan's story, she had been approached by a random guy on the street who rudely told her "to smile" and that her pretty face "was going to waste" because she wouldn't. She didn't bother responding. She completely ignored him. BOOM. FROZEN. So basically the "Seattle Freeze" is just ignoring freaks that bug you in public!? DONE. BRING IT. If you don't want the "Seattle Freeze" brought upon you, then don't bother strangers in public. STAY IN YOUR BUBBLE DUDE ON THE BUS! (source)


Do you know about the "Seattle Freeze"?
| March 22, 2013 at 3:33PM
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