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Discover This Band At Bumbershoot

Aug 26th | categories: Live, Music

The last time they played a set at Bumbershoot, Baroness entertained an audience of less than 50 (including Bryce, Jonah from Vendetta Red/Schoolyard Heros/Trash Fire, and I) on a side stage, in the rain, with a half blown out PA. They were super guitar noodly and KILLED IT.

Then they made a new record, got a ton of attention, and gracefully became more accessible - all right before their tour bus careened off an embankment in England. Two guys quit the band after that horrible experience.

They've picked up the pieces, reassembled the mental strength (and bodies), and are headed back for another round of Bumbershooting.

Monday @ 5:15p is quite the ask, but if you're coming to see Alt-J, MGMT, or Deer Hunter, this is the band that i'm most excited to see over the long Bumbershoot weekend!



Discover This Band At Bumbershoot
| August 26, 2013 at 8:40AM
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