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Diamond Jubilee observations...

Jun 05th | categories:

Sure I only watched it for a minute but I did see the "climax" so I feel that I can speak with authority.

Firstly, the commentators said The Royals "clearly enjoyed" the fly past and that The Queen "certainly did" can you tell? she always looks like she's thinking about carrots....she certainly is as expressive as one:/

Secondly, you know Kate Middleton secretly wants to shag Harry, I know I do.

and lastly, Prince Phillip is in the hospital for a bladder infection and as much as a bladder infection blows, don't you think there's a small part of him that is thinking, "hell yes...even though I'm in pain at least I don't have to stand on that f*ckin balcony for 5 hours".


Diamond Jubilee observations...
| June 05, 2012 at 8:01AM
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