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Dave Grohl Wins Grammy, Gets Cutoff During NIN/QOTSA Collaboration

Jan 27th | categories: Music, TV, Video

Last night, Dave Grohl and his buddies from Sirvana won a Grammy for Best Rock Song. I'm mad about it, see below the video if you care.

After a night of everyone touching eachother's... egos, the Grammys went and did it, they poked the bear. Earlier-in-the-nightGrammy winner Dave Grohl, his buds in Queens of the Stone Age, Lindsay Buckingham and Trent Reznor - in the spirit of what the Grammys always do - formed a group to do a collaboration. So, what made Trent Reznor tweet a big FU to the awards show?

As attendees flowed out of the arena, watch this badass collaboration get pre-emted for an airline commercial with some annoying voice over AND THEN just in time for the final note, cut away.

UPDATE: So the video got pulled by The Grammys people and, of course, they haven't posted their official version... I'll keep looking for it. Here's one with an intro overdubbed in Spanish!


Is it great that "Nirvana" got back together with Sir Paul to write/record a new song? The concept started when the gang got together for the 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit. Then, some months later, they released a recorded song. Grohl and friends ended up with the Grammy for Best Rock Song last night and on stage talked about how they... WROTE THE SONG IN 2 HOURS. If I could remember the name of the song it would be a testament of how amazing these dudes are at writing. Instead, the best rock song went to a bunch of proven musicians dicking around. End rant.



NIN/QOTSA Get Cut Off Mid Song at the Grammys (Watch Before They Pull It!)
| January 27, 2014 at 5:18AM
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Liz Peterson
| January 27, 2014 at 9:50AM
The only thing worth watching the whole night gets cut short. Awesome.

Ayn Rand
| January 27, 2014 at 10:23AM
GREGR you need to quit working at 1077 bud. 1077 was legit back when you guys had Red and Harms, because they were awesome. But GREGR was always that annoying guy who thought he was super hip and funny. Go start your life man, let that new night guy thatactually has good music taste take over. End rant

Mr BUtterworth
| January 27, 2014 at 8:33PM
Ayn, that is a pretty messed up thing to say you jack @$$. GREGR is just as cool as the rest of them. I have pretty much listened to the End since the start and he is a great DJ. So to that AYN, all I have to say is suck it!

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